What Makes Your Restaurant Menu Design Stand Out?

Even before a server reaches a diner, the menu is something that influences them. A well-designed menu can boost profits by 10-15%. The menu might seem to be a very small thing in comparison to everything else you have put into establishing the restaurant yet plays a vital role. Menu Branding for Restaurants is often an overlooked part. However, it is something that will leave a lasting impression on the guests who dine at your establishment. The diners expect the menu to look appealing and professional at the time. A menu can either enhance or ruin a diner’s experience. Thus, here are a few tips for designing a menu that stands out.

  • Keep A Check on The Eye-Scanning Patterns – Diners usually move to the top right of the menu when they first check out the menu. And a majority of diners order the first item they see, so you need to ensure that you consider the menu scanning patterns of the diners while placing the dishes.
  • Using Boxes and Colors for Visual Direction – Boxes, colors, arrows, or other highlighting signs usually help in directing the diners to your star menu items and compel the diners to try them.
  • Avoid $ Signs – Diners tend to spend more on a menu without dollar signs. The reason is that the dollar signs trigger negative associations about spending money. Thus, it is suggested to remove dollar signs.
  • Using The Power of Words – Descriptions like savory, buttery, crispy, etc., tend to convey the restaurant’s personality and help in conveying the fun and food-focused tone of the restaurant perfectly.
  • Using Enticing Photos – Always recommended to use high-quality, enticing, and aesthetic photos that can get diners to order something they have never had before.

Your restaurant’s menu says a lot about your business, food, ambiance, and overall branding. So, when designing a new menu for your restaurant or when updating your existing menu with a new style or seasonal items, keep the above tips into consideration. Or consult the ERC team to design a fresh and eye-catchy menu for your restaurant business. For more details, visit our website i.e., https://erestaurantconsulting.ca/, or you can also speak to our experts at 1-647-209-4153, and get a menu designed that represents your vibe.