Meet Our Team

Tom’s passion for restaurants started from the ground up learning the back of the kitchen as a dishwasher and over a short few years, maintained a management position -this is where he immediately got  hooked on the pace, hospitality and multifaceted challenges in the business, while working for various independent full-service restaurants all while he was working on completing his education in Business Administration at Humber College.

His passion for restaurants and strong business acumen followed after college as he entered into a management role and quickly into an operating partner of O’Toole’s Roadhouse (known today as Sir Corp). Four years later, Tom then ventured into the quick service restaurants industry as an owner of two Pizza Pizza franchises. Operating two stores running for over eight years successfully exceeded more than one million dollars in sales per year, while maintaining a ranking in the top five restaurants in operations across Canada. Additionally, Tom was instrumental in implementing the “30 Minutes or Free” delivery initiative.

Self-motivated and driven, Tom got back into full-service restaurants, but this time as a savvy entrepreneur. He started up a popular local restaurant and sports bar, Whiskey Jack’s Sports Bar & Grill, successfully exceeding more than one million dollars in sales per year.

Tom continued his passion for restaurants but this time shifting into the quick service segment, spending seven years with the international brand Wendy’s/Tim Horton’s. In 2004, Tom joined the Quiznos franchise. At the time, the chain had 150 restaurants and Tom became an integral member of a team that grew to over 400 locations, including opening 100 in a single year.

As much as was learned during this rapid growth phase, he learned even more by staying with his franchise partners to assist them to increase restaurant profitability, drawing on years of operations expertise coupled with dedication. As was true with each of his other ventures, the basics of operations planning and monitoring the variables of the business became crucial to his owners’ success or failure.

Tom’s mission today brings over 35 years of restaurant expertise to optimize your existing branding and operational business objectives. We define your brand, increase your profits, revitalize your concept and connect you with your future targeted guests.