Menu Engineering

Creating the perfect menu is a mix of art and science. The beauty of menu engineering is that it helps to break down the numbers behind your menu, identifying the dishes that are profitable and those that are not. When talking about rising food costs, it’s not uniform changes that we see across food items, and likewise it is best not to make uniform changes with your menu pricing.
The easiest way to perform menu engineering is to have inventory tracking integrated with your point of sale. Identify an integrated inventory software that helps you to actively evaluate menu winners and losers. A great way to combat food prices rising is to start selling more of your most profitable dishes.
Consistently evaluating your menu, you can ensure you are adjusting menu items appropriately with each season and that your pricing is optimized based on the food prices of menu groups and items.

Raise profitability by 15% or more


A well-executed menu requires an appropriate balance in terms of price, variety and “Wow!” factor

Consumer Preferences

Through our menu engineering efforts, we help you craft a diverse menu that features the right proportion of high and low cost food items, as well as an equilibrium between trend-forward and classic dishes.
ERC has an understanding of consumer menu preferences, from fine dining to fast-casual, and will help you incorporate key dishes and ingredients that will generate new and repeat business.
Additionally, through careful menu development, design, layout and product placement, we help you control customer ordering behavior, increasing orders for dishes with the highest profit margins.
The end result is a well-balanced, visually compelling and on-trend menu with the right mix of offerings to yield the highest profit for your restaurant. Minimize your food costs. Ensure profitability on your entire menu. Help you run a successful and profitable restaurant.

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    Recipe and Menu Costing

    Are menus priced to accomplish profit goals?
    If the menu is not costed out regularly then the information will probably be outdated and inaccurate. It is critical to continually and regularly cost out the menu to keep up with the ever-changing environment. How do you raise prices without properly costing out the menu? How do you uncover non-profitable items on the menu without costing it out? How do you maximize the return on your investment without costing out the menu – you don’t.
    We understand the art of competitive menu pricing and we know how to get customers to spend the way you want them to. We can help you increase your average check through menu engineering, recipe development and strategic pricing.
    How much should I charge for that menu item, is that menu item profitable, what impact are my product costs having? Be More Profitable!
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    Chef Inspired Menu Development

    We will
    Review your current menu along with any competitor’s menus, current market and product availability
    Provide suggestions for which items to update, delete and promote.
    Bring fresh ideas to the plate and our focus will always be on creating a profitable menu