Cost effective procedures while maintaining overall food quality and presentation, that's the ERC Way!

Recipe And Menu Costing

We understand the art of competitive menu pricing and we know how to get customers to spend the way you want them to. We can help you increase your average check through menu engineering, recipe development and strategic pricing.
How much should I charge for that menu item, Is that menu item profitable, what impact are my product costs having? Be More Profitable!

Chef Inspired Menu Development

We will review your current menu along with any competitor’s menus, with consideration to your current market and product availability. We will make suggestions for updating items and deleting items. We will bring some new ideas to the plate and our focus will always be on creating a profitable menu.

Brand Guide Playbook

The final, approved logo will be added in with all definitions, markings, colors, color attributes, space requirements, typography, and secondary background positioning.
Your Complete & Comprehensive Brand Spec Guide
Brand Name + Brand Philosophy, Developing Your Brand Story, Developing Your Brand Identity
Logo (Graphic Design), Font Package, Color Package, Markings, Attributes, Typography, Philosophy
The playbook that explains how your business plans to present itself to the world through its story, logo, fonts, colors, images, videos, menu, entertainment, and messaging. To be used as a reference tool that helps maintain consistency in what your brand looks, feels, and sounds like.

Logo Development

Develop logo concepts with graphic design team and after approval of chosen logo, will deliver the final design in the appropriate formats including submission into the final brand guide.

Graphic Design

Logo & Identity Design, Brand Refresh, Packaging Design, Infographics, Menu Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Large Format Signs.

Develop effective storytelling and value, vision, mission, & culture statements

Develop the foundations for your core values through our “napkin omics” exercise.

Develop the philosophy of the brand and the brand marks (slogans)

Develop reputation management protocols.

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