Who We Are

ERC comprises a team of seasoned experts and restaurant managers representing every facet of the restaurant industry from financial and development to operations and management.
From creating and implementing restaurant business plans to designing innovative concepts and menus, we have the restaurant industry knowledge, and have successfully supported independent and franchise businesses.

Subject Matter Experts in Restaurant Operations

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What We Do

Analyze Business
Produce Solutions

We help you streamline operating costs through product sourcing and handling recommendations, as well as technological solutions to help cut labor costs.
We analyze your business, determine problem areas, produce solutions and make suggestions for improvement. We have a combination of resources and people who have skills and expertise in their fields to help in every aspect of your operation.

Who Do We Help

Independent Restaurants
Multi-Unit Operators
Existing Restaurants
New Restaurants

We'll show you how to improve your efficiency

How We Do It

Explore & Identify Needs
Evaluate, Analyze, & Strategize
Execute & Implement Solutions
Drive Enterprise Value

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