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We help restaurants build and develop new concepts

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Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth isn’t spoken anymore, it’s posted.

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Restaurant SEO

Search Engine Optimization Services is the best way to be seen online.

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Is Plant-Based the Future in Restaurants?

ERC can help you get there..

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Personal Protective Equipment to keep your customers and employees safe.

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Order Gloves, Sanitizer, Masks, Face Shields, Debit/Curb Side Pickup Payment Pole
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Standardize Your Brand

Standardize Your Brand

Welcome to ERC

Experience + Passion = Results

Making money in the restaurant business requires a deep understanding of restaurant operations, customer expectations and the industry as a whole. At ERC, we make it our mission to increase restaurant profit margins, drawing on years of expertise and a dedication to delivering for our clients.


Who We Are

Subject Matter Experts in Restaurant Operations

ERC comprises a team of seasoned experts and restaurant managers representing every facet of the restaurant industry from financial and development to operations and management. From creating and implementing restaurant business plans to designing innovative concepts and menus, we have the restaurant industry knowledge, and have successfully supported independent and franchise businesses.

Tom Missios

Senior Restaurant Consultant

Tom’s passion for restaurants started from the ground up learning the back of the kitchen as a dishwasher and over a short few years, maintained a management position -this is where he immediately got  hooked on the pace, hospitality and multifaceted challenges in the business, while working for various independent full-service restaurants all while he was working on completing his education in Business Administration at Humber College.

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Frank Weshler

the Entrepreneur

This Montreal born entrepreneur graduated from Loyola University in 1974. He earned his commerce degree. In 1976 he discovered his passion for the restaurant business when he became the manager of the Peel Pub in Montreal. He cemented his dedication for the restaurant business when he established The Peel Pub Inc. in 1985.

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Jessica Valiant R.H.N

Plant-Based Restaurant Consultant

Jessica Valiant is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in culinary plant-based, whole, fresh foods. Having grown up in the restaurant biz, Jessica found her niche at age 30 apprenticing with a natural foods chef and developing a special interest in raw food. Soon after, she became a trail-blazer in the healthy food industry.

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Chef Carmine Accogli

the Original “Big Ragu!”

From manning the stove to being in front of cameras and students, Carmine Accogli has been generously sharing his passion for making inspirationally good food for decades. The serial entrepreneur got his start after completing his culinary diploma at Toronto’s George Brown College. He started his professional culinary journey at Toronto’s Sutton Place Hotel.

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Jose Luis Esquivel

Franchise Consultant Expert

A graduate of International Touring University in business administration, Jose Luis began his management career with Holiday Inn – Mexico and El Presidente, another well known and successful national chain. In 1985, he joined the management team at KFC – Mexico as a Franchise Manager.

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Angelo Raitsinis

General Contractor

Owner and founder of Rose Hill Design Build, Angelo has been in the construction industry for over 20 years. His strong work ethic, attention to detail coupled with his imagination and passion to create- has been the driving force and inspiration which has led him to his success.

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Nick Goddard

Restaurant Designer

Nick is the President of Portage Design Group Inc, a full-service interior design firm based in Toronto that he founded in 2010 and continues to quarterback. Prior to starting his own firm, he worked at several studios including Hirschberg Design and MacKay Wong Strategic Design.

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What We Do

We help you streamline operating costs through product sourcing and handling recommendations, as well as technological solutions to help cut labor costs.

We analyze your business, determine problem areas, produce solutions and make suggestions for improvement. We have a combination of resources and people who have skills and expertise in their fields to help in every aspect of your operation.

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Who Do We Help

Independent Restaurants

Multi-Unit Operators

Existing Restaurants

New Restaurants

How We Do It

We Explore Identify Needs

We Evaluate Analyze and Strategize Solutions

We Execute Implement Solutions

We Drive Enterprise Value

Our Services

Restaurant Performance Measurement


Menu Planning and Recipe Development

Brand Development and Marketing

Restaurant Systems & Controls


Strategic Restaurant Management

ERC Strategic Partners

Expert Advice

Restaurant Observation Evaluation

A Restaurant Observation Evaluation is a review of your business’ overall operations to determine what systems need to be implemented to improve efficiencies, including inventory controls, waste sheets, other systems, and more.

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Free Virtual Profit And Loss Analysis

The purpose of our free Virtual Profit & Loss Analysis is for you to get a second professional opinion of your restaurant company operations and financial well-being.

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Cloud-based Platforms in the Restaurant Industry

Cloud-based Platforms in the Restaurant Industry

If every other business is taking advantage of cloud-based platforms then why not Restaurateurs should benefit the technology? We know that how this world is rapidly pacing in the technological globe and even now everything is connected and communicated through the...

Solving the Problem: Customer Complaints Due to Long Wait Times

Solving the Problem: Customer Complaints Due to Long Wait Times

Dealing with: Customer complaints about wait times to be seated and the wait time for food. Solution: Collect data in order to understand if inventory (food, patrons, employees) management is inefficient, resulting in poor process flow and capacity issues. Using data...

Restaurant Revenue Management

Restaurant Revenue Management

Five techniques used by restaurant establishments in order to increase revenue: Specials and/or Discounts Growth in revenue can be achieved due to the principle of demand pricing. By offering specials and/or discounts during peak times such as valentine’s day, a...

Electronic Kiosks and Tabletop Tablets: A Dynamic Technology

Electronic Kiosks and Tabletop Tablets: A Dynamic Technology

Electronic kiosks and tabletop tablets have been growing in use. Customers are accepting these systems and are reacting positively to them, for example, in 2015 it was found that 70% of Applebee’s diners interacted with the tablets, more than 50% of those guests used...

Devising an Effective Pre-launch Marketing Strategy

Devising an Effective Pre-launch Marketing Strategy

Those interminable hair-splitting hours where the restaurant entrepreneur mulls over an aching strategy to introduce a new restaurant to make it an instant hit is a story all restaurant enterprisers would substantiate. The stress levels are high even before the...

Give A Reason to Your Guests to Choose Your Restaurant

Give A Reason to Your Guests to Choose Your Restaurant

Ever wondered what sets you a part for the potential customers to root for you when they are getting everything you have to offer from your competitor? Maybe you have pitched in a productive marketing strategy that is bearing fruits by getting you ahead of them,...



Dear Mr. Missios, It is with gratitude and great pleasure that I’m writing this note to thank you for organizing and starting up Bread & Bowl with me. Because of our combined efforts, I opened up with a cost-effective restaurant system and controls that allowed me to build profitably. The business was fresh homemade bread, soups and pizzas, along with salads made fresh with four types of lettuce, 34 vegetables and 12 dressings. Without proper costing and portion controls, this business would not have been as big and profitable as it is today. The greatest benefit of being organized was that the business grew effortlessly and was sold profitably because the purchaser was able to step in seamlessly. Not only were we able to build properly with an exit strategy, ERC made sure that we were as modern as every large organization (strong social media), as we had online ordering, catering and a dynamic website that enhanced our image and ultimately our profitability. Frank David Weshler

Thank you, Tom, for consulting us at the Church St Garage. From menu engineering to recipe costing and inventory practices featuring Prime Cost software, we were able to control our costs which helped us be profitable right from the start. Your feedback, observations and coaching allowed all of us to see how the restaurant was operating and make adjustments and changes that needed to be implemented to operate a successful business. Fatima De Oliveira

Tom’s knowledge in our business is impressive and not matched by many. He understands the day to day operations of restaurants and how to run a successful and profitable operation. Tom is a person that yields the highest level of integrity and honesty. I would recommend Tom’s assistance to anyone looking for an intelligent and honest opinion of their restaurant operations. He will be able to help make your business better. Sam Mandros

I have known Tom Missios for over 10 years and worked with him closely during my time at Quiznos Canada. Tom is very hard working, and is willing to go above and beyond to support franchisees in any role necessary. He has an extensive and detailed knowledge for franchise systems but even more important is his ability to connect and communicate well with franchisees. I consider Tom to be an authority on franchise operations and an asset to any partner. Marc Choy

I have worked with Tom throughout my 10+ years with Quiznos Canada Restaurant Corporation. As I was VP Design & Construction we regularly dealt with various issues in existing and new restaurants. During this time, I appreciated Toms restaurant knowledge and his focus on both the corporate objectives, and also the franchisee questions or comments. Tom worked hard handling many Quiznos stores in the Ontario region and due to his many years of experience was a good source to help solve problems. He also understands that if something came up which he is not sure on how to handle, he has various contacts he could source for answers. He was a great team player. Robert Hume

Tom was not just my consultant but also became a friend. He worked closely with me and took on my dream as if it was his own. Tom’s many years in the industry helped me sculpt my ideas and transform them into a viable business. With many areas of expertise, any restaurant owner, new or old, should add ERC to your team if you’re looking to excel in the industry. Sit down with Tom and ERC today, the only regret you will have is you didn’t contact them sooner. Rio Nectar

I was inspired with Jessica’s story and her experience within the restaurant industry at a recent talk she gave to my nutrition class. She inspired me to follow a passion that I had kept dormant and I reached out for help to open my own vegan restaurant. Within a few short weeks we took what was once just a dream and brought it to life. I can’t believe I’m opening my OWN restaurant and Jessica’s help has been unreal – she’s connected me to the right people and provided critical details into developing my vegan menu. She has an incredibly creative insight into food and the customers experience. She has taken my concept from good to great! Bashar Leon of Bashar Restaurant (Toronto, ON)

Jessica was instrumental to the development of our new raw and vegan, healthy-hemp snack bar we launched to the Australian Market in 2018, ‘Essential Hemp Bars’. She conceptualized and created the recipes for 3 bars with the aussie-consumer in mind by including nostalgic ingredients such as locally grown macadamias and pineapple. Her idea to include raw, sprouted buckwheat in the Salted Caramel Crunch bar was clever… it is the perfect crunch, plus the buckwheat boosted the protein for our nutritional label and kept our bar gluten-free – she covered all the allergenic bases to ensure a market-friendly bar. Paul Benhaim - Founder Hemp Foods Australia

Jessica’s vision for food development is pure genius. She knows food and how to make it delicious! Felipe Favaro - GM, Hemp Foods Australia