Profit & Loss Analysis

All restaurants should provide an outstanding profit and an attractive return on investment. If you are struggling achieving these, let us conduct a Profit and Loss Analysis Review for you.
What do we look at? Food Cost, Beverage Cost, Labor Cost, All Supply Cost Categories, Training Cost, Utilities and Other Controllable Cost. We also look at your non-controllable. Rent, Insurance etc.
Often, we are asked to review the client’s Profit and Loss statements. What we usually uncover are major problems with food, beverage and labor costs as well as other expenses you are incurring. At ERC, we take a comprehensive approach to reviewing financial documents.
The numbers tell us a story so that as we dig deeper, we can uncover where the problems are and develop a plan to fix them. We also offer a FREE virtual P & L analysis on our website of your financials so that you can decide if taking the step into hiring a consultant is right for you and your business.

We can bet you’re leaving money on the table and we will help you find it.

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    Break-even Analysis

    Knowing your restaurant’s sales break-even point is one of the most important insights an operator can have. Break-even awareness enables operators to know if it’s even possible for their restaurant to be operating profitably by just knowing weekly or month sales volume.
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