Restaurant Operating Systems

ERC Brand Audits
Increasing operating standards through the following services:
Brand Audit:
Measures and monitors unique brand elements, brand presentation, quality and service.
Food Safety Audit:
On-site food safety audits and practices, training and reporting that help increase food safety improvements.
Guest Experience Audit:
On-site evaluations of client determined metrics that help drive improved guest satisfaction and repeatability.
Food safety, inventory control, menu management, security, sanitation, cash management, hiring, onboarding, training and morel No matter if you have one restaurant or one hundred- you have to have systems and controls in place to be successful long-term. At ERC, we customize systems that will work in your restaurant.

Quality Systems are the key to any High Profit High Performance Restaurant Business.

Your Success in the restaurant business is directly related to how well you “Manage Systems and Develop People.”

Better Data Equals Better Decisions

Quality, Organized & High Performance

Without good systems, restaurants are unorganized, produce inconsistent results and the owner functions most of the time as another employee, not an owner.
Examples of restaurant systems include the use of checklists for opening, closing and cleaning, written steps for selecting and hiring new employees, using standard recipes in the kitchen and having procedures for handling guest complaints, ordering products and doing a physical inventory.
There are several reasons why systems are so important in a restaurant. First and foremost, systems give you a much better shot at providing consistent dining experiences to your guests.
Why do people come back to any restaurant? It’s usually because they liked what they had the last time they visited. When they return and either the food or service isn’t as good, they notice, and with so many other dining choices available, they often don’t return.

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    Food Safety Evaluation and Safety & Handling Analysis

    Ensuring your establishment is serving safe food we review & inspect your current food handling processes and make suggestions to comply with your local health department requirements. Facility food safety compliance. Receiving & Storage, Staff food handling. Temperature Controls.
    Learn how to select, handle and prepare food safely to help protect you and others from food poisoning.
    Prevent food poisoning by using a digital thermometer to check cooked meat, poultry and seafood for a safe internal temperature. Learn about proper food storage to prevent illness from food poisoning. Learn about produce contamination. Also learn about cleaning and storing of meats fresh fruits and vegetables properly.
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