Website Maintenance

Website maintenance

We can maintain your website. We can be your ‘Web Guy’!

For a monthly fee we can maintain your website. We can work on things like adding new pictures, updating monthly specials, adding blog posts or any other updates you may need.

We also keep your site secure (hack protected), backed up, and Google compliant at no additional charge! You can rest easy!

It’s great having your very own ‘Web Guy’!


-Need To change something on your site? No problem, we’ll take care of it.
-Want your site kept up to Google standards? That’s included!
-Want your site kept secure (hack protected) & backed up? That’s included too!
-The beautiful thing about this service is it requires virtually nothing from you! Just send us instructions for changes on your site and we take care of the rest… You’re free to grow and run your business.

We even get your site connected with other businesses in your niche to boost traffic and Google rankings. This is not a full out web marketing service, but it’s amazing what doing a few things right can do for your site. You may be surprised!

Site Security

There’s nothing worse than having your website hacked. We routinely have to assist people after they’ve been hacked and often times it’s an expensive endeavor sometimes even requiring starting from scratch!

To keep you safe we back your site up twice a week making site recovery a cinch! Even better we keep your site’s security up to date with patches for CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla! Drupal etc. as well as plug-ins used by your website. Keeping things up-to-date on your site is essential if you want to avoid the problems that come along with having your website hacked.

Google Compliance

Google and the Internet as a whole are ever-changing animals. We do many little things to make sure your website is not falling out of Google’s good graces. Things like using image alt text, replacing flash with images, adding in missing meta-tags or page titles etc. etc. These little things can go very long way in terms of how you perform or DON’T perform in Google and the other search engines.