Maintaining a Website Requires Monthly Dedicated Hours

Some of our clients have the time and general knowledge to maintain their website. Some of them do not. We offer website maintenance plans to assist you with routine updates and security of your website. Whether you need us on an “as needed” or monthly basis, we will be here to support you.
For a monthly fee or an hourly fee we can maintain your website. We can work on things like adding new pictures, updating monthly specials, adding blog posts or any other updates you may need.

Rest easy knowing we will keep your site secure, backed up, and Google compliant!

Website Security is as important as a seatbelt in a car.
That's why we offer a 3-tier security system in order to protect the website, you and its users.


Minor Edits

Need To change something on your site like text, schedule or an image? No problem, we will take care of it.

Google Compliance

In order to maintain Google Compliance, there's a variety of important steps to take.
Otherwise, Google dings your website and makes it harder for your viewers to locate the website.


Security has become the utmost importance with websites. Hackers have learned how to gain access to websites, hence why we use a 3-tier security system in order to ensure no hacker gains access to valuable information nor can they take down your website.


Safety and Security is at the utmost importance in website, but even then anything can go wrong. The internet is constantly evolving with the latest software updates and sometimes the websites can react negatively to those said updates.
That's why we run a back-up of your website every 12 hours and up to 2 weeks your website is backed up.

The Best Part

The beautiful thing about this service is it requires virtually nothing from you! Just send us instructions for changes on your site and we take care of the rest… You are free to grow and run your business.
We even get your site connected with other businesses in your niche to boost traffic and Google rankings. This is not a full out web marketing service, but it is amazing what doing a few things right can do for your site. You may be surprised!

We utilize the most cutting-edge technology to drive sales, revenue, and more importantly profit to your business.

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