Ravi Sidhu

If you are looking for the expertise of a restaurant consultant, look no further than ERC. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Tom Missios and his team have gone above and beyond their call of duty to offer me the optimum quality customer service while paying the greatest attention to every detail of my business. Tom is so passionate about his job and truly puts his heart and soul into it to ensure that you as a customer are getting the best of every resource he has. Tom has great connections in the restaurant industry and wonderful ideas and suggestions about food and beverage concepts. Moreover, he is up to date with current food and beverage trends and knows how to select the appropriate chef required to create recipes for your business. I am ever so grateful to Tom and his team for all that they have done for me. Prior to selecting ERC, I interviewed other restaurant consultants but decided to work with Mr. Missios because I felt as if he was genuine and had a vested interest in his job and serving his customers’ business needs. It turned out that my judgement was very accurate. I have no regrets about having hired Tom and his team to open my meal prep. and meal delivery concept and would never have chosen anyone else to help establish my business. Tom has guided me well and taught me so many things that I would never have been able to learn at any educational institute. Kudos to ERC!