Restaurant Menu Planning Tips for An Intuitive Menu Design

A menu of a restaurant defines the restaurant’s standards and gives a clear idea about their servings. However, planning the menu is one of the toughest parts for a restaurant. A dull and boring menu can turn off your potential customer within a second. Thus, it becomes essential to take proper care of the menu design and plan it properly. You might be thinking what actually is menu planning? Well, menu planning simply is the process of finding out what you would like to present in each meal, including the main dishes, sides, and desserts. It further includes the number of meals to plan for and when to serve them. You can seek assistance from Restaurant Menu Planning Consultants in case you are confused. Here are some quick tips for restaurant menu planning. Let us have a look:

  • Develop A List of Core Ingredients –  The first step is to develop a list of core ingredients. As several dishes use the same basic ingredients, listing them out will keep the cost down. Make sure to source ingredients from local artisans and butchers, or seasonal produce, and this would help you to reduce food costs.
  • Cost Out the Menu Items –  Menu planning is not about just picking the right dishes, rather it includes the costing aspect as well. You need to cost out the items, the ingredients, the supplier cost, and other essential costs to build a successful menu.
  • Run A Test Kitchen – You won’t like to fail on D-day. Thus, make sure to run a test kitchen. It is important to test the flavors and food combinations. Chefs will generally plate out samples of each menu item and application staff try them to ascertain the taste and overall idea. This will help you find out where you are lacking and what things you might have to change to come up with a robust menu.

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