Meal Kits Resurrected

Meal Kits Resurrected: How Restaurants Can Innovate Them to Build a New Business Avenue

Meal kits which were an old thing of the past – have been resurrected by Covid-19. Meal kits came back to life to provide stable and reliable income amidst all the ambiguity that the new normal poses to struggling restaurant operators.

Meal kits are a step ahead of the heat-and-eat option. Here, the customers’ favorite dishes are being de-constructed and re-packaged. Meal kits come in different formats such as refrigerated and frozen, shelf-stable, and across a complete variety of cuisines. This is cost-effective for the average customers who need to feed like a small group or family. These meal kits have become popular among consumers because not only can they get a taste of restaurants’ top entrees, they also provide convenience as they serve up the satisfaction of having home-cooked meals.

It is important for restaurant operators to continuously seek innovative ways on how to keep customers satisfied. Here are some ideas on how meal kits can be re-invented.

Shifting of Meal Kits from Subscription Services to Retail

With the uncertainties that the pandemic brings, people have started cutting on costs, especially those who lost jobs and can no longer afford the subscription-based meals that come with hefty prices and contracts. This makes it ideal for subscription-based meal kits to be offered on a retail basis. Meal kits provide simple and comforting meals for home cooks especially for those who don’t want and don’t have time to spend much on preparing their own meals.

Re-Invented Meal Kits Formats

Meal kits have been patronized by customers as a shortcut to their mealtime success. They can come in either the ready-to-eat and frozen meal kits formats. The ready-to-eat kits are a saving grace for those who are juggling with working from home and home-schooling their children but still want to make sure that what they put on the table are healthy and comforting meals. This option is also a great deal for teaching kids how to cook using the instructions included on the packaging of the meal kits. Another format is the frozen  meal kits which come with components and have longer shelf life. Customers find this option as a means for them to purchase meals with utmost convenience without worrying that nutrition and taste would be sacrificed. A number of restaurants have started offering these meal kits options to their customers which include step-by-step instructions along with the pre-measured and ready-to-heat ingredients. This provides a good opportunity for customers to create their own cooked meals at their own time within the comfort of their own homes.

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