Key Ingredients to An Enticing Restaurant Website

As per research, 75% of consumers surveyed often go for a restaurant to dine at based on the search results online. And if your restaurant isn’t present online or doesn’t have a website, then you are missing out on a major chunk of your audience. Undoubtedly, in the present internet-era, online visibility is huge and cannot be neglected at any cost. Your website is something using which you can attract loads of customers. However, just having a website isn’t enough, as some businesses struggle to maintain an excellent website. A restaurant website should be attractive, visible to the audience, and user-friendly at the same time. Just like a perfect dish, there are certain secret ingredients behind an appealing and captivating restaurant website. Here in this segment, we are going to spill the beans regarding the key ingredients behind an intuitive restaurant website.

Design tips for a restaurant web site:

    • Spotlighting the menu
      Do you know that a whopping 93% of consumers go through the restaurant’s menu before they decide where to eat, according to a survey? This makes it clear why you need to spotlight your menu in your website. Your menu should be listed in an easy-to-find web page that can be spotted on both your website’s homepage and on Google results. For easy searching, make sure that it is not a PDF or image, rather go for HTML for easy searching.
    • Alluring images
      Your food is something that you want to sell via your website, and so the photographs and images you display on your website should be alluring and tempting enough to trigger the interest of the visitor. The presentation of the images, quality of the images, and vibe of the images are some points that you need to consider. We recommend you add high-quality images of beautifully presented dishes and striking backgrounds. Moreover, an image slider can be a great option to display images of the best dishes.
    • Branding
      There are tons of templates and design options available but picking the right one that reflects your restaurant’s vibe and mood is very much essential. Your website should be no less than your virtual restaurant. Let us take it this way, imagine your restaurant is in a marina, then you can have a website with beachy tones and colours with a more whimsical design. This simply means that your website should reflect your restaurant, as it helps the visitors to remember who you are.

Today, majority of customers dig into a restaurant’s website before visiting the restaurant, as they want to know your food specialties, dining space, menu options, timings, location, and more. Thus, you need to have a website that is enticing in terms of design and informative at the same time. If you have been procrastinating on setting up a website for your restaurant, then we’ll help you through the process. Feel free to visit our website i.e.,, or give us a call at 1-647-209-4153, and leave the rest on our professionals.