Strategic Business Plans for Restaurants

How to Stay Agile in the Post-Lockdown World: Strategic Business Plans Restaurants Must Implement

Sharing best practices to manage the current crisis is crucial for the restaurant industry that has been deeply impacted by the pandemic. Restaurant operators need to continuously look for ways on how to stay agile through trying out novel strategies and even to the point of changing their core of the operation. Not an easy feat especially if we want to stay true in our mission, but the pandemic has forced the industry to modernize and do it in a very quick way. For restaurant operators looking for strategic business plans during and after the pandemic, here are some ideas on how to keep your business thriving.

Perfect Time to Build Your Digital Infrastructure

If you want to stay on the game and be able to complete moving forward, you have to invest in your company’s digital infrastructure. This means having a frictionless digital ordering capability for both delivery and pickup services. Our reality now is that with remote work and prolonged social distancing mandates comes the need to have your own mobile ordering app to launch your own online ordering platform. When laying out your strategic business plans, make sure that you put emphasis on the digital side of the business.

Make Sure to Integrate Safety Guidelines of CDC to Your SOPs

The food safety practices that you have in place should evolve according to the safety guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the protection of your patrons. Your restaurant’s preparedness to address the challenges of the pandemic plays a key role when customers evaluate you for how safe it is to order from you, not to mention your level of social responsibility. As part of your strategic business plans, regular deployment of face masks and following the right levels of social distancing between your customers inside your restaurant, and heightened priority on disinfection should be prioritized. And of course, make sure that your staff properly follow the safety systems in place and they have to be trained on how to execute it consistently. Adherence to these safety protocols should be strictly monitored regularly.

Prepare to be Flexible with Your Product Offerings

Restaurants who were strict with their branding pre-pandemic should learn how to adapt to the demands of the time if they want to survive. Review your menu and create opportunities for the new environment wherein customers could be unwilling to dine in.  You may offer catering services and sell individually packaged food that are a “grab and go” such as lunch boxes. Or you can also sell family packs for at-home dining.

Deep Dive Into Your Operations Document and Create an Improvement Plan

Having a designated operations lead is important as in any business and if you still don’t have this, then it’s the best time for you to assign one. The role of this person should go beyond managing the day-to-day operations of your restaurant. This person must assess and update all training documents, checklists, recipes, and job aids that need modification based on the current situation we are all in. Resuming operations is quite a challenge for most businesses and while you are trying to re-build your teams and the machinery of your operations, ensure that your strategic business plans are well documented.

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