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Give A Reason to Your Guests to Choose Your Restaurant

Ever wondered what sets you a part for the potential customers to root for you when they are getting everything you have to offer from your competitor?

Maybe you have pitched in a productive marketing strategy that is bearing fruits by getting you ahead of them, however, despite your passion and zest if you fail to craft a brand positioning strategy, you leave your customers open to random selection as there is nothing to convince them to opt for you, that too at a much higher price.

If you are new to the word commodity trap, I hope this would serve as a wake-up call. Commodity trap is the worst place for a business to be where lower price always wins. Lower price becomes the touch stone as the customers cannot find any other distinctive quality between you and your competitors. In simpler words, if the only benefit you are expected of is a lower price and nothing unique to provoke a purchase, your business is in hot waters and maybeit’s about time to pack up!

If you wish to remain in the race and create a lucrative business, you ought to circumvent the commodity trap and remain true to yourself when answering the tough business questions.

Why choose you?

Make it Stand out

The neck to neck business competition has flooded customers with sales messages that they find hard to choose something that offers them more than the usual offerings. The increasing options have become overwhelming and unbearable. In such circumstances, what does your brand stands for and how compelling your marketing messages are makes a difference. You must create instances where they choose you over thousands of others.

Your messages should penetrate deep into the hearts and minds of the people so that you are become valuable to them.

Why Make A Purchase?

As simple as sale sounds, the mechanics involved to achieve this small action requires hard work. From visuals to brand influence and the works of a charismatic sales director, together result in a purchase. This all points to one question that you should be able to answer yourself before you ask your customers, “what makes you buy from us?”

Your entire business revolves around this one question, which if you fail to answer, you can predict the future of your company. The ability to stroke out an articulated selling proposition that is not only comprehensible, but alluring is what your business is built on. If people truly fall for a product or service, it is because they have managed to see a difference.

What mistakes are you oblivious of?

Very often there are business operators who are unaware of their own competitive advantage. What they believe to be their competitive advantage falls irrelevant in the purchasing priorities of the customers. This shadowed yet imperative competitive advantage is the winning aspect, yet the business operators find it difficult to curate it across their sales and marketing. As a result, buckets of money go down the drain without any fruitful result.

Marketing and sales do not run on mere impulses, assumptions, perceptions or whims of a person. To craft a perfectly honed competitive advantage that matches your goals, you have to focus on the execution of your brand positioning strategy by prioritizing your customers.

Materializing Competitive Advantage

Next in line after the identification comes creating a brand-new marketing and sales message that resonates with your brand. These messages are called brand positioning statements. Keep it precise, relevant, memorable, and one that voices your customers. These words exude in every syllable why they need to buy from you rather than your opponent.

Do not just go for empty rhetoric that vaguely promise quality and money value. These have become so cliché and common that no one believes in them anymore. Just stretch out of the comfort zones and explore how far your creativity goes so that you can offer your customers what others can’t.

Commit your time, effort, and money to devise a strategy that with its distinctive message is most relevant to your client.