Contactless Online Ordering

Contactless Online Ordering

The age of technology and social distancing has been re-shaping how restaurants operate. While mobile ordering and payment have been existent for a long time now, the pandemic has pushed restaurants to adopt contactless online ordering as it is one the safest way to interact with customers.

What normally takes years to adopt has obliged restaurant operators to shorten the adoption curve. This contactless online ordering transformation is apparent in the surge of restaurant mobile app users. It allows restaurant guests to see restaurant menus in digital print and is considered as the fastest, safest and most intuitive way for customers to order and pay wherever they are. But now that online ordering is a new normal, how can restaurants ensure that they can still operate at an increasing revenue and provide a welcoming and supportive “dining experience” to their guests?

The answer to this is to choose a tool that would be the best fit for your business. There are a plethora of tools available but you have to choose the one that would help you deliver a fast and simple ordering and payment system. The following should be considered:

 Accessibility and Versatility

It is crucial that your contactless online ordering system provides accessibility to your online menu on your customers’ smartphones simply by entering your URL, scanning a QR code, or using the NFC tag (Near Field Communication). Your customers should be able to pay for their orders securely without the need to swipe their card, open a tab, sign a receipt, or enter their credit card details.

 Flexible Menu Selections

Your contactless order online ordering system should be capable of keeping guests feel safe via having a menu access on their personal devices. It should have a QR code feature that provides accessibility to your up-to date menu. It is important also to choose a solution that would help you to do up-sells.

Integration with Your Existing POS System

You don’t necessarily have to come full circle when adopting the contactless online ordering system. You should choose a solution that can either be a standalone for order processing or one that you can integrate with your current POS. You should also be able to choose a solution that would help you get an accurate view of your customers’ preferences and one that would help you with automated marketing.

Safe and Secure Payment Processing

And the most important consideration when choosing your contactless online order solution is its ability to safely  and seamlessly process payments through a secured PCI-compliant tool.  

Taking Orders via Social Media

Your social media presence isn’t just there for content engagement. You can go above and beyond by enabling online ordering using the social media platforms. So when choosing a solution for your online ordering, choose the one that is capable of this.

Get Advice from eRestaurant Consulting

If you are new to this world of contactless online ordering, eRestaurant Consulting can walk you through the process to make sure that you choose a solution that would help you boost sales amidst the crisis, amplify your reach, and delight your customers through hassle-free and  intuitive solutions.