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Restaurant Branding & Brand Development

Branding is one of the essential aspects to a restaurant’s success. In today’s world, it is more prudent than ever that restaurants provide their target audience with a unique and novel concept. They must carve out their niche and make their experience a memorable one. ERC excels at brand development, implementation, and positioning.
We work with you to cultivate your restaurant’s image and individual personality. This includes but is not limited to: food, beverage, china, glass and small wares, decor, design, furniture, location, logo and website. It is the precise integration of these elements that will establish and position your restaurant for success.

Turn your restaurant into a BRAND

Build a Concept of your Vision & Bring it to Life

Complete summarization of concept, development of core statements (value + vision + mission + culture), architectural attributes and budget analysis, production attributes (complete listing of core equipment & pricing), and menu design attributes (food, beverage, plating concepts).
This also includes a 'test drawing' to scale using their desired square footage laying out equipment, seating, washrooms to ensure it all fits.

Concept, Development, Architectural Attributes, Budget and Production

Value, Vision, Mission, Culture

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