Jessica Valiant R.H.N

Plant-Based Restaurant Consultant

Jessica Valiant is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist specializing in culinary plant-based, whole, fresh foods. Having grown up in the restaurant biz, Jessica found her niche at age 30 apprenticing with a natural foods chef and developing a special interest in raw food. Soon after, she became a trail-blazer in the healthy food industry by opening Rawlicious; the first Raw & Vegan restaurant in her home-town city of Barrie, ON years before a single Vegetarian establishment existed. Recognized for her efforts, Jessica was awarded “Best New Vegetarian Restaurant” consecutively, year after year while in business. Jessica writes, lectures, facilitates workshops and cooking classes and executes food and cleanse programs for plant-based, raw/vegan food and healthy living. Her work has been featured in print & digital media and TV.

Jessica has a keen eye for recognizing up and coming food trends and executing business ideas to capitalize on the growing demands of consumers. In 2014, after 3 years running her restaurant, she spotted an opportunity and without missing a beat jumped on it. Jessica was the key initiator in the growth and development of Boon Burger, Canada’s first all-vegan burger café by convincingly co-partnering with the Manitoba owners to bring Boon into the Ontario marketplace; later growing from two corporate stores into a multi-franchise establishment.

Jessica is a tireless champion for bringing healthy food to the masses. She travels the world with intentional curiosity as she gains insight into the food landscape of other cultures and regions. This knowledge translates into understanding global consumer demand, providing solutions to meet their needs, while keeping her pulse on the changing industry.