Frank Weshler

the Entrepreneur

This Montreal born entrepreneur graduated from Loyola University in 1974. He earned his commerce degree. In 1976 he discovered his passion for the restaurant business when he became the manager of the Peel Pub in Montreal. He cemented his dedication for the restaurant business when he established The Peel Pub Inc. in 1985. Over the next 23 years owned and operated over 11 different Pubs and Restaurants in Montreal and Toronto. In 2008, Frank developed from the ground up, the first Organic Burger Bar in Toronto. In 2011 he moved on to consulting for other restaurateurs. In 2014, the restaurant bug struck him again. He founded the Bread and Bowla fast casual, take out restaurant featuring quality, fresh scratch made soups, salads, sandwiches and pizza.

In 2015 Frank joined the ERC Family. Frank brings over 35 years of passion and experiences and business intelligence to the brand. Some weapons in his tool chest include, analysis of restaurant locations and themes. Interviewing and training initial staff members to assisting streamlining restaurant efficiencies. Planning the programing of ‘Point of Sales’ system to incorporate both restaurant and retail functions, allowing the business to capitalize on both markets. Creation of restaurant menu selections and price points, analyzing costs and revenues to cover projected expenses. Forecasted revenues and expenses for first 12 months of operations, identifying required capital reserves and time until breakeven. Established initial inventory for both menu and beverage items through multiple distributors and purveyors.